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Amaranth (chawli) is a popular green leafy vegetable grown all over India. It is usually short-lived, with erect and often thick and fleshy stems and green leaves.

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Health benefits of green chawli leaves:

1. Absolutely Low on Calorie and Carb Count: A cup of chawli leaves offers only 13 calories and thus they qualify as a low-calorie vegetable. It’s a boon for weight watchers and diabetics, who always intend to not have that spike in their blood sugar levels. Learn some

2. Amaranth Leaves Carries High Concentration of Protein : Like , chawli leaves also has good amount of. A cup, which is just 28 g, gives 1.1 g of protein. This much protein is considered to be good for the food or vegetable category. High protein has always been associated to boost metabolism and help in building muscle mass.

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