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Gahat (Horse Gram)


100% Natural and Organic Gahat Dal. It is widely known for its curative properties of treating gall bladder stones, kidney stones and maintaining renal health. No any chemical or pesticide, sourced mainly from the high rises of Uttarakhand.


Why Uttarakhand food is better than others?

You can easily buy this type of Ghat in any other shop. But we are different from others because:

  • Our products grow only in high rises areas of Uttarakhand.
  • Our products are natural because it is cultivated in the Himalayan region. We don’t use any chemicals or pesticides in the process but only use natural compost.
  • Our dal is different in comparison to dals from other companies in terms of taste and quality due to the Himalayan climate.

So try our product one time at least. You will like this for sure, or else we will give you a full refund without any questions.

We are sharing a popular Dal recipe from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Gahat is also known as Kulthi and in English, it is called Horse Gram.

Kulthi dal which is cultivated in the hills of Uttarakhand is quite valuable for health. It is also grown in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The effect of Gahat is hot, which is why the people of Uttarakhand enjoy Gahat Dal Soup in winter.

Horse Gram is a good source of iron. Gahat seed is extremely helpful in stomach and kidney-related diseases. In Ayurveda, Gahat seed is regarded as an elixir for the treatment of appendicitis.

Few useful tips for Gahat Dal recipe

  1. You can make Dal by soaking in water as well.
  2. Do inspect Gahat seeds before cooking. A lot of gravel and other dust particles can be found in the stock of dal.
  3. If you like the spicy flavour, you can add chopped green chillis when sautéing onion.

Health benefits:

  • Prevent Constipation
  • Reduces Blood pressure
  • Useful for Weight loss
  • Improves Heart health
  • Increases Sperm count
  • Useful during pregnancy (after consulting the doctor)
  • Keeps your body warm during winter
  • Lower Cholesterol levels

And it is widely known for its remedial properties of treating gall bladder stones, and kidney stones and maintaining renal health.

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