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Masoor Dal (Brown and Orange lentils)


100% Natural and Organic Masoor Dal Protects Your Heart, Improves Digestion, Boosts Immunity, Effective for Weight Loss, Effective for Diabetic Patients, Prevents Rapid Aging, High Protein Content, Reduces Risk of Cancer, Strengthens Bones and Teeth, No any chemical or pesticide, sourced mainly from the high rises of Uttarakhand.


Why Masoor Dal at CredOrganic is better than others?

You can buy this lentil from your closest shop as well. But we are different from others because:

  • Our products are cultivated only in high rises areas of Uttarakhand (Himalaya).
  • Our products are natural because in the Himalayan area we don’t use any chemicals and pesticides to produce products. We use only natural compost.
  • Our dal and every product are different from other brands’ products in terms of taste and quality because of the Himalayan climate.

So try our product one time at least. You will 100% enjoy this or else, we will give you a full refund without any hesitation.

Whole masoor dal recipe – one of the easiest dals we can make at home is from sabut masoor – whole lentil dal (brown-skinned lentils which are orange from the inside).

This sabut masoor dal recipe is how we cook it at home. The dal is neither thin nor thick but has a medium consistency. Adding cream is optional as per your choice but it definitely enhances the taste of the masoor dal.

The masoor dal can be enjoyed with rice, rotis or even bread. You can also just have it plain like soup or stew.

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