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Natural and Raw Honey (Himalayan Wild Honey)


Wild honey collected from the untouched forest of India away from modern human intervention where the flora and fauna are free from the pollutants and toxins of modern civilization. The native people collect wild honey from the wild forest of Western Ghats. The honey is dark and rich in taste and colour since the bees collect from the local wild flowers because of which the texture varies



Honey: Himalayan Natural Raw Forest Honey (Free from Pesticides & Antibiotics)
CredOrganic Exotic Raw Honey is the most refined form of honey that comes directly from the beehive, raw unheated, unprocessed and unadulterated honey. This pure honey has multiple health benefits and is referred to as an antioxidant powerhouse.
At CredOrganic, we have raw honey with all goodness of the Wild Himalayan thick forests. It is raw, unheated, unprocessed and unadulterated and hence full of healthy bacteria and antioxidants. In fact, our honey is traditionally collected with no human intervention, so it has all essential natural nutrients intact.

Benefits of CredOrganic Himalayan Natural Raw Forest Honey

  • Rich source of antioxidants called flavonoids and phenolic compounds
  • Protection against heart diseases, and cancer and protects body cells from damage
    Curbs cough
  • Provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Heals injuries and kills detrimental bacteria
  • Useful for treating digestive disorders

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