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Organic Rajma – Small Red Capsule


Red Capsule is a ‘daily use’ variety of rajma. It gives good color when cooked. It is slightly harder to cook and needs a thorough overnight soaking. This rajma is often cooked with 30% of another dal like kulath, dhoulash or toor, or with 20% white rajma.


Rajma is one of the staple food crops in the upper Tons Valley of Uttrakhand. Nearly all farmers sow rajma as it is the main source of vegetable protein in the local cuisine. Farmers who have rajma which is more than their annual food and seed purpose, sell to earn some money. CredOrganic is supporting these hard-working farmers by locating a suitable market for their rajma where we pay a fair price that reimburses them for cultivating rajma in remote fields which don’t even have access to a proper road. The crop has to be carried on mules to the closest road and transported to a processing centre.
Rajma at CredOrganic is completely organic, produced using simply natural compost and cow manure. We don’t use any inorganic fertilizers or chemical pesticides. We are in the process of supporting these farmers to get their products certified organic very soon.

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