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Tagar Herb


Tagar trees are found in Kashmir from Bhutan and Himalayan regions. There are crispy roots of tanges and it is known as ‘Sugandh Baala ‘. Its depression affects the central pulse institute. Hence it is beneficial in the condition of vascular ablation caused by distortion of air and blood secretion ( hysterectomy) of hysteria and women in the abdomen (inside the stomach) .



Name in different languages:

English Name   : Indian Valerian

Hindi Name      : Tagar, Sugandh Bala, Mushkbala, Bala Tagra

Latin name      : Valeriana wallichii DC

Urdu Name      : Asaroon

Arabic Name    : Asaaroon

Bengali Name  : Asaroon, Tagar Paduka, Asaroon, Mushkbala, Shumeo

French Name   : Valériane lndienne

German Name : Indischer Baldrian

Gujarati Name  : Tagar Ganthoda

Kannada Name : Mandibattal, Mandyavanthu, Mandibattalu, Tagar

Kashmiri Name : Bala, Mushkbala, Chhalgudi

Marathi Name   : Tagar Ganthoda, Tagarmool

Persian Name   : Shanadar

Punjabi Name   : Muskwali, Balmudak

Sanskrit Name  : Tagara, Tagaraka, Nata, Chakra

External form – Tagar’s plant is in the form of a bell spread over about seven to 15 inches high.The size of the leaf is like the lipstick, one to three inches long and 1-1 inches wide.

Its flowers are white, some are pink and single-eyed. Its fruits are found on the Romans.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Paralysis: Diagnosis of diarrhea caused by malfunction of the head and marrow fibers, and the fresh fruit of Tagar is beneficial from consuming about a quarter of grams of grams of rice in two or three times a day. It is useful in repairing head disease, mania, epilepsy, poison disorders and diabetes.

2. Arthritis (joint pain):

  • Due to consuming Tamar with ash ash, the diseases like rheumatism, paralysis, gout and arthritis etc. are cured.
  • In the joint pain of chest bones, three gram quantities of green root root bark should be grinded in buttermilk and drink it.

3. Vaginal Disease: Combine the sugarcane, caterpillar, lemon and cedar and cook it in sesame oil and then mix it in the oil by making the cotton pudding soaked in this oil, it reduces the pain of the vagina.

4. Panic or discomfort: Taking about 250 milligrams of gram to 900 mg of turmeric powder with honey in the morning and evening will ease the panic and also eliminate mental disturbance.

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